The Drunken Duck Inn

The Drunken Duck, Ambleside

The Drunken Duck Inn

Affectionately known as the ‘The Duck’, this beautiful Inn offers glorious fell views, just two-and-a-half miles from the bustling Ambleside. Offering 13 rooms with hotel level service, and an award-winning restaurant, this Inn is a real favourite for couples and families alike.


For the loyal and discerning patrons of ‘The Duck’, one word is synonymous with everything that the establishment offers – ‘quality’. The problem continually faced by the Inn’s management was finding a linen and laundry provider who could meet their exacting standards consistently. Using their existing supplier, they were constantly let down by lack of inventory and by the quality of the inventory they received. The main issue for the Inn’s housekeeping staff was the time it took to frequently remake beds every time that the bed linen provided had been poorly washed or pressed. The Drunken Duck’s management team contacted Westmorland to see if we could deliver what they needed.

Westmorland’s approach

Five years later, we’re still working with ‘The Drunken Duck’ and now view our relationship as one of our strongest. We’re huge fans of the Inn and value the small part we play to ensure their guests’ experience remains impeccable. After all, at this level, it’s the little things that count, and for Westmorland, this means delivering crisp white tablecloths, beautiful bedding, and fluffy white towels each and every day.

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