Huge boost for Cumbria Tourism with the opening of Carlisle Lake District Airport.

by Jonathan | July 19, 2019 |
Carlisle Lake District Airport

A weekend in the Lakes is now a much greater possibility for many, with the opening of a brand new airport in Cumbria. Marking the opening of the first commercial airport in the UK for over 14 years, Carlisle Lake District Airport is likely to prove a huge draw for Lake District tourism

Flights departing from Carlisle Lake District will now be available from key visitor destinations such as London, Dublin, and Belfast.

There will be four flights per week from Carlisle to London and five to Dublin and Belfast.

Cumbria’s tourism industry is currently worth around £3 billion. This figure is set to grow further, with the opening of the new airport also expected to increase tourists visiting the UK from the US. Cumbria Tourism has stated that they not only see huge growth potential from the Irish markets, but also from linking these flights up with transatlantic flights and lucrative US tourists.

Westmorland Laundry’s managing director, Alex Mauro, commented “The opening of Carlisle District Airport is a very welcome asset to Cumbria tourism. We all know the potential of the stunning Lake District and any asset or initiative that helps bring tourists to the area is hugely important. At Westmorland, we’ve seen huge growth this year as the hospitality sector constantly strives to provide their guests with better quality linens and laundry levels. We expect this to continue as more affluent tourists, with greater quality expectations continue to visit the area”.

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Cumbrian tourism hits £3bn for the first time as visitors flock to the Lake District


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